How Moreland Solutions can help Recruitment Agency's operate more successfully.  

How Moreland Solutions can help Recruitment Agency's operate more successfully.


As with many industries and service sector businesses in recent years, recruitment agencies have been facing the need to update and modernise certain key processes. This includes the methods that recruitment agencies use in customer service, where increases in efficiency can be beneficial to both the business and its customers.

How outsourcing administration can save time and money

One key component of a strategy to make business processes in a recruitment agency more efficient is likely to be a review of administrative tasks. The main reason for this is that many of the administrative tasks undertaken in a recruitment business are secondary to the core objectives that are essential to its growth. Payroll issues, for example, are not a key competence for many companies and yet the tasks related to payroll inevitably consume valuable time and resources.

How an umbrella company can modernise customer service for a recruitment agency

In maintaining the quality of administrative tasks while increasing the efficiency and controlling expenditure, the use of an umbrella company can have a modernising impact on the way a recruitment agency operates its internal administration. As an example, the flexibility that comes from using the resources of an umbrella company makes it easier to cope with any fluctuations there might be in demand. This solution is more financially efficient than maintaining full-time resources at fixed costs. Such a flexible approach is one hallmark of modern business processes.

Some ‘pros’ when using an umbrella company

There are a number of advantages to be derived from taking the decision to use an umbrella company such as Moreland Solutions. In addition to the financial flexibility in the use of resources, an umbrella company is easy to work with. Time sheets and expense claims, for example, are sent directly to the umbrella company to be paid, cutting out internal bureaucracy. Along with time sheets and expense claims, umbrella companies require very little from the customers in terms of paperwork, which means that the business relationship is easy to manage. Umbrella companies also take care of issues relating to taxation, national insurance and communications with HMRC. Overall this adds up to a huge saving in time and resources at the recruitment agency. Furthermore, the benefits available to workers when they are employed by way of an umbrella company can be greater than they otherwise might be and issues such as holiday pay and sick pay can be more easily managed.

Using umbrella companies for short-term and long-term contracts

In addition to these advantages, umbrella companies are able to efficiently handle both short and long-term customer contracts, which is essential when working with companies in this sector. Similarly, umbrella companies cover contracts that involve a wide range of different salary rates, making the processing of weekly or monthly payments much easier. The overall benefit derived by the recruitment agency outsourcing all these administrative tasks is that it frees up its existing resources to concentrate on key areas of development and expansion.

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