Niche Job Boards Provide The Strongest Candidates

Niche Job Boards Provide The Strongest Candidates

Contrary to popular belief, the job board industry is expanding faster than ever. The supposed dominance of generalist big boards such as LinkedIn and Monster actually pales in comparison to the thousands of niche boards that open up every year. In fact, according to one job board expert, 2013 may have been the best year for niche job boards ever.

“It’s a different industry than it was 10 years ago certainly, but it is definitely growing,” says the Job Board Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins, a veteran of the job board, publishing, and e-learning industries. “About a third of the clients I work with are start-ups, and I see new ones every week.”

He says he has been to two job board conferences, both here and abroad, in the past month, and at both of them people were saying they just had their strongest year.

So why the rosy outlook? There is lots of evidence that shows niche job boards are the most effective way to find the strongest job candidates.

“The aggregated response rates for niche boards are oftentimes lower,” said Dickey-Chasins in an exclusive Staffing Talk interview. “But that can actually be seen as a plus, because the quality of the responses tends to be higher, and they also tend to be from people who aren’t necessarily active on the big job boards.”


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